July 15th, 2019

OAEC I.T. Association

Meeting Minutes


  1. Call to order

Don Pak called to order the regular meeting of the OAEC I.T. Association at 1:00pm on 07/15/2019 on phone conference.

  1. Roll call

Don Pak conducted a roll call. The following persons were present:

7/15/2019 Name Coop Attended Conference Call
1 Brandon Wingfield Southeastern no
2 Brenda Merkle TCEC yes
3 Casey Davis OEC yes
4 Chandler Lingle Southwest Rural yes
5 Don Pak East Central yes
6 Eric Neill Rural no
7 Greg McComber Cotton yes
8 Shannon Veerkamp Kiamichi yes
  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting

Don Pak read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as read.

  1. Open issues
  2. Casey where are on the agenda?
    1. A link to the agenda onedrive oaec.it/onedrive
  3. Casey has speakers on the same onedrive document
  4. Lunchbox for the last day available
    1. Jimmy Johns, Panera and both of those deliver
  5. 2 holes Thursday the 19th from 1 to 2
    1. Fill with Jacek
  6. Greg had DHS to do physical security wasn’t much
    1. FREE??.
  7. Jacek IR plan roundtable
  8. End at noon have a box lunch and network if they want
  9. Casey website is ready.
  10. Tickets are $300.00 with nothing extra
  11. $100 prize donations for give aways are on the registration page
  12. Sponsorships set out for 3 days.
    1. Sponsor the dinner for $3500 if nothing on time offer to spilt it with someone. No alcohol provided!!
  13. When do we want to send the email out for registration.
    1. Decided for a Friday after noon.
  14. Gifts for attendee’s
    1. Red High Sierra daypack
  15. Gifts for giveaway must be present to win and the ticket is taken out after drawing all names put back in for the grand prizes.
    1. Ring 14-piece security kit from amazon for Thursday grand prize
    1. Grand Prize for Friday Laptop??
    1. Regular cash prizes and gift cards for during the conf
  16. Casey added two new people to the IT list for contact
  17. Greg wanted to get RC3 involved with the statewide association    
    1. Greg will contact and try to get it setup.
  18. Don will get with Sid for the badge
  19. Get there at 2 for table setup
  20. To pick up snacks be at statewide at noon.
  21. Need to get the annual meeting date for next year 
    1. Brenda will look at this.
  • New business
    • Next meeting July 29th at 10:30am
  • Adjournment

Don Pak adjourned the meeting at 1:40pm.

Minutes submitted by:  Shannon Veerkamp

Minutes approved by:  Name