May 21st 2018

OAEC I.T. Association

Meeting Minutes


  1. Call to order

Don Pak called to order the regular meeting of the I.T. Association at 11.00am on 05/21/2018 via conference call.

  1. Roll call

Brenda Merkle conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: Curt Cloyd, Don Pak, Greg McComber, Brenda Merkle and Shannon Veerkamp.


  • Approval of minutes from last meeting

Brenda Merkle read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as read.

  1. Open issues
    1. Greg: Timothy Fawcett Cyber insurance and Attorney, Donavon Farrow and Nathan Sweeny 10 things before pen test.
    2. Steph Jones: Drawings? Dinner somewhere?
    3. Don: N-Dimensions – Scott Mossbrook. Federated – IR – Call Federated. KnowBe4
    4. Vendors: True Digital, Rapid 7, Guernsey
    5. Sponsorships
    6. Brenda’s marketing department to create and send Agenda and registration.
    7. Vendors $150.00 each and $50.00 for additional or one registration fee for all including vendors.
    8. Greg: 2 banks Bank 1st and Citi National. Energize will only do credit cards.
    9. Brenda will send a 1st draft to Sid.
    10. Meeting will be 2 full days:
      • Lunch both day
      • Sam’s club for refreshments and snacks.
      • OACE may provide coffee?
      • 1st night dinner? Brenda will work on it
      • 7:30am Registration on 1st day
      • Meeting 8:30am to 4:15pm
      • 8:00am for information desk.
      • Brenda checking with Sid about badges. Maybe color coded for vendors, staff, attendees and speakers.
    11. New business
      1. Next meeting by phone conference for update on all of the above.


  1. Adjournment

Don Pak adjourned the meeting at 11:51.

Minutes submitted by:  Shannon Veerkamp

Minutes approved by: